Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Exhaustion prevails, and I wonder on a daily basis who the girl was that thought starting a new blog was feasible.  We are enjoying life as a family of four; staying mostly around the house except for the occasional trip to the library for new books and dvd's.  I've been doing strange things like baking homemade granola bars (mediocre results) and stitching throw pillows (?).

Elijah's adjusted well.  The first week I worried, but it turns out the attitudes were resolved with longer naps.  He is sweet as pie to his brother.  We've made concerted efforts to get him out of the house with one or the other of us on a daily basis and that seems to help too.

Silas is a pretty easy going baby.  He quickly figured out his days and nights, waking up every 3 hours on the dot to scarf down a snack then zonk out.  He cries only when hungry-just like his brother, a dirty diaper does not phase him.  A real manly man :)

Ben and I are doing ok.  Nothing 48 hours of sleep can't fix.