Thursday, January 23, 2014

Rowen Elaine

It's taken me a full month to get to this post… I'm sorry grandparents! :)

Last time I wrote we were (im)patiently waiting for the birth of #3, our "surprise" baby.  We'd decided to keep the gender a secret-which weirdly got easier as time went by.  Once the pregnancy stops being new & exciting and starts being painful and tiresome and, truthfully, a total drag- you just want it out.  Boy, girl, whatever.  Let's just be done and start the next phase of life.
   I had hopes that this one would arrive early as Silas did, but no luck.  My mom came down the night before delivery to stay with the boys, and we headed to the hospital around 9:30 am for a noon delivery.  This is c-section #3 for me and my nerves were a little raw as I contemplated how many incisions I'd had in the same place and worried that there'd be complications as the doctor pulled out another whopper of an infant- AGAIN.  My fears were unfounded however, and everything went smoothly.  Surgery was halfway over before I knew they'd started- always a relief to me- and Ben was brought in beside me moments before we heard the first scream.  I marvel at how different each of my kids have sounded coming out of the womb.  You'd think that all baby cries sound about the same- not so.  Silas' will always stick out the most to me, b/c it's never changed- he still screams over Oreos the same way he did being pulled out of that warm, cozy home of 9 months.

Anyway, out baby came and we heard the shocking news that we had, indeed, successfully made a Jordi girl (what is the world in for??).  For some reason, the biggest surprise to me was that she had a  head of dark brown hair, and weighed a minuscule (for me) 7 lbs.  After two gigantic bald babies… you understand my surprise.

Ben left with baby girl as my surgery wrapped up, and I was wheeled into recovery.  It took almost an hour to get to see her as her temp was pretty low and they had to warm her up for a bit.  But she finally got to us and we held her and marveled over her… and then one of the best moments, calling the grandparents to relay the news.  Best reaction EVER.

Grammie Daniels was staying with the boys and brought them to see their sister a few short hours later. Eli was interested- Siley seemed more concerned about the snack situation than anything, but that's typical for mini-me :).  There's been no jealousy issues yet-and I'm grateful.  Their enthusiasm has grown steadily since then, especially for Silas.  They are only 18 months apart, so I think he senses that until kindergarten, this is his bff.  He is such a sweetheart to her :)

We had a large number of visitors, all bearing gifts: pink, purple, and glittery.  My sweet cousin overnighted a package of dresses and onesies hours after finding out the gender. Grammie D and Nana J both went on girl shopping sprees-Rowen is much fancier now than her mom :) We have been so blessed by our friends and family with baby items, meals, prayers, visits, and countless offers to babysit.      I don't think we'd have made it without our family AND church family.  A huge thank you to you all!  We love you!

There's so much more I could say, but this post will never make it up if I wait any longer.  Rowen, we love you so much and thank Jesus every day for the sweet blessing of you!