Friday, June 15, 2012


Each blog I've begun (total: 4) has had a definitive ending.  Some major life change occurred- I got married, I found a job, I graduated college, etc.  Suddenly my wildly amusing and original remarks seemed less so. The story ended. This was the case 9 months ago, when I took my 18th pregnancy test and got a + sign.

So I stopped writing for about 36 weeks.

And then, to clear the internet air, I deleted the old blog.

After that I spent almost 2 full days "designing" a NEW blog (which translated means selecting a free blog template and font color) then another half a day trying to get a song to play on the blog when it opens.  I'm filing these wasted hours away under Category: "Nesting".
We are becoming four.

This is the current family lineup:
DAD (a.k.a. Mr. Jordi)
Mr. Jordi is exceptionally brilliant, devastatingly handsome, AND a skilled chef!  He has a degree in Professional Writing and is an editor for a top-secret government agency.  He enjoys the outdoors, firearms, and a clean house.

MOM (a.k.a. Julie)
I am delightfully disorganized and use boxed cake mix.  I have a degree in Fine Art and teach at a school that I love.  I enjoy DIY projects involving castoff furniture and spray paint, and can go either way on the clean house.

THE FIRSTBORN (a.k.a. Elijah)
Eli is bright, spunky, energetic, affectionate, adorable, and first rate in every way.  He enjoys cars, trucks, boats, Buzz Lightyear, the alphabet, numbers, and McDonald's Happy Meals.

Number 2 will be forced to show (whether he likes it or not) by June 20th around 4:30 pm.
Stay Tuned...

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