Friday, December 7, 2012

Recent Projects

I've always appreciated handmade things.  My grammie is a genius at throwing together whatever she has into beautiful, functional quilts-no planning, no pattern.  My aunt Sharon & mom are the same way- and I'm working hard to sharpen the skills I have to get there.  I really want the kids to have the same appreciation for the time and work that go into handmade items.  This is the first Christmas that I've really been able to spend significant time and energy on anything for them.  Here's what I've been working on...

Eli never goes anywhere without a car (or 3) tucked into his pocket, so when I found this tutorial on Pinterest I knew I had to make it.  It was surprisingly fast!  I was able to put the whole thing together in one evening with only materials I had around the house (free!).

This is the case opened up (turquoise duck cloth, an old denim skirt and black & white felt).

Fold it in half to cover the cars and then into thirds...

...and velcro closed.

I'm not thrilled with the car applique on the front, so I'm tearing it off and trading it for a giant lowercase "e".  It just doesn't feel personal enough this way.  (Ben Jordi quote: "JUST LEAVE IT ALONE.") I'll repost photos again when it's all worked out.

Siley drools in much greater quantity than his brother, so he is getting a set of Merry Christmas bibs (and matching burp cloths, if I have time).  Poor Siley and his practical Christmas gifts. Here's the first- I had to try it on him, I couldn't wait.  It's his "johnny-raincloud" bib, something Jordi's know all about :)

Turquoise duck cloth (I have a lot, it was going to re-upholster a chair), 2 old sweaters and black felt.  This is officially my first "no pattern" project and I'm thrilled with it.  I just traced one of his old bibs and added 1/4" to all the edges for a seam allowance.  I came up with the cloud design partially on my own and partially from perusing some Japanese animation books I've collected.

After the Fall Flower Fiasco (mums + no water = dead mums), I've sworn off fresh flowers for awhile.  I stitched up a pot of African violets for Ben's mom (no pics-sorry!) and they came out pretty well so the next day I sewed a cactus for myself (felt, embroidery thread, 2 hours planted on the couch in front of "Elf"). I put it in a pot I made from a felted Christmas sweater (a.k.a. it shrunk and made a lovely, super durable fabric!)

This pattern came from "BIG little Felt Universe" by Jeanette Lim.  I love this book- it's full of felt toys and trinkets you can put together by hand (no machine necessary= I don't have to leave the sofa) in just a few hours.  Felt is my all-time favorite material- no hemming required.  It's very forgiving.  None of the patterns in the book require enlarging, another time saver.  It also has lots of boy-friendly toys- a tool set, a doctor's kit, even a felt Apple computer!

I've got a couple other projects in the works that I'll post when I'm done.  I'd love to think of something to make for Daddy-o, but I don't know that a wooden gun or felt ammunition would really do it for him.

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