Thursday, August 1, 2013

Picture mish-mash

Since having Number One, I've gone back and forth btwn part time, full time, and no time work.

Rounding the corner with #3, we decided to fully embrace the stay-at-home mom lifestyle.

I know that it can be a difficult and sometimes controversial choice... and I completely believe that each family is different and what works for one would fail for another.  At this time in our lives- this is right for us.  I am so incredibly thankful to have these precious years at home with my kids.

Ben and Eli, Baltimore Harbor

Hotel Monaco, Baltimore

 There's nothing in the world that's cuter than a freshly scrubbed toddler in a wife beater :)  Did you even KNOW you could get baby wife beaters?  Awesome.

(The kids were modeling PJ's mommy sewed for them:)

ALSO: Did you notice we officially have a walker?? :)

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