Thursday, January 8, 2015

New Year, New Schmear.

Oh how I love New Years!  Oh how I love lists and lists of promises I’ve made to myself about the incredible human being I will become THIS YEAR!  The Year of Jordi!  (See below.)

2015 has vegetables in it: not your everyday peas and carrots mind you, I’m talking Swiss Chard, Spaghetti Squash, Parsnips, Rutabagas, and all ORGANIC ORGANIC ORGANIC.  Everything will be free range.  Everything will be grass fed.  Processed cheese shan't pass these lips!

Also, there will be EXERCISE.  Not the dusty VHS Billy Blanks Tae Bo video tape I found lodged between my nightstand and wall mind you, I’m talking gorilla-sized lifting equipment, 1,000’s of daily planks and pushups, lots of "metal and brawn", and finally finishing that marathon I started training for 7 years ago.

And guess what else?  There will be MORE BIBLE READING and CHURCH VOLUNTEER ACTIVITES and I’ll probably start a couple things myself because there’s definitely a need for a small group centered around middle aged women who enjoy crochet and coffee and reruns of Forensic Files. (Actually, that's kind of a real thing- minus the reruns.)

I’m also going home school bananas,  but that's 5 posts alone.
These thoughts run through my mind this time of year, every year.  I am not someone who sets the bar low to protect herself from disappointment.  I aim high and over the top, way WAY over the top where no one else can see or hear or anything, in my weird cloud of perfection !!!

But here we are,  through the first week of cray cray and I've already abandoned the majority of promises I made to myself but NOT the anxiety attacks that were sure to accompany them! The high that accompanied the fresh start is gone.  I'm just me again, plodding along in the daily routine of mom- wake up, make food, clean up toys, make more food, clean up more toys, nap time... collapse.  "Find myself" in a drawer full of yarn and hooks and the creation of something I don't need.  Wake up, repeat all that until bedtime.

SO now that I'm here in real time, I guess my resolution is going to be just to keep pressing on.  Anything else seems too difficult right now.  Just 100% maintenance.
  Go Low Bar!
Two thirds of the highest bar I've ever hit!

The other third of that high bar!

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