Sunday, November 4, 2012

OCC (mostly.)

   Mr. B is Eli's Awana leader this year (Awana is a children's church program). He and his wife bring so much life and excitement to that room of boys. We are so grateful for the strong, positive influences our kids (us too!) are exposed to through these believers.  

The puppets are reassuring the boys that Hurricane Sandy is no match for G-O-D :)

   This is musical chairs... wisely played with extra chairs and by never removing one- thus avoiding meltdowns.

He's like, the coolest person I know.

This week the kids put together boxes for Operation Christmas Child.  It's a program that sends a shoebox full of Christmas gifts to children in other countries- many of whom have never received a gift in their life!  Daddy took Eli to the store and he selected a bunch of toys to send to a preschooler overseas:

Headed to the gym to pack...

Arranging gifts between 2 boxes....

And there it goes!

It's incredible to me to see how God can use the hands of a 3 year old boy to bless another.  To be a witness of His love across an ocean.  These are the moments we live for :)

Of COURSE we can't end a post without some Silas cuteness...

...and a dose of reality, after all that sappy stuff.  Thank you, time change, for one boy waking up at 5:56 and the other not long after.  10 minutes after both boys were in bed for naptime, the youngest treasure belted out a scream so loud I may be partially deaf. Also, there was a bird flying around in Eli's room this morning.  We aren't sure why.

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