Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall Favorites!

Hello world!  

We've been keeping busy looking ridiculously cute...

and enjoying fall activities. 

 These are our Jackson Pollock pumpkins.  Eli chose the colors... I truly expected another year of black and brown, but he saw that tube of hot pink first, and who can say no to that?  It was a nice change.

Are you ready to lose your mind?  You should be.  OF COURSE Ben and I didn't just "carve pumpkins".  We used wood carving tools and Vaseline to annihilate them.

"The Joker", by Ben Jordi

"Ron Swanson", by Julie Jordi

Honesty is always best, so let me inform you that 20 seconds before this photo, Number 2 was screaming like we hadn't fed or changed him in days.

LOOK HOW GORGEOUS HE IS.  He had his 4 month-er today- 17.5 lbs and 26.5 inches.  

Daddy-despite a day of childcare, work, and general household duties-took Boo to a Halloween Parade in South Cumberland tonight.  Apparently the motorcycles completely changed his life:)

I whipped up a cute little owl hat for munch out of a wool sweater I picked up at Goodwill, some felt and fleece scraps, and old buttons.

He looks hilarious when he wears it.  He'll surely hate me for it one day.

The plan is to make Eli a matching one and do a two-for-one future hatred deal.  Cute, cute, cute!

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