Monday, October 1, 2012

Weekend with Goompa.

Goomie & Goompa came for a visit last Saturday.  That's Number One's version of "Grammie and Grampa".  We took a short drive over to Rocky Gap for a day fall-fabulousness.

(We took a short drive over to Rock Gap for a day hike.)

Whenever we do these things I have magnificent visions of the whole family in matching, oversized sweaters, seated in a wild pumpkin patch (?) with fiery leaves drifting down from giant sequoia trees (?) while friendly passerby offer to snap photo after photo leaving me with a very perfect and memorable set of pictures.  We get the "memorable" every time... but no family pictures to date.  "There are too many BETTER things to do than sit still, mom."

I love fall.  Especially in Cumberland.  

Somehow we didn't get one single picture of Goompa. Poor Goompa.  Next time.

Number Two has a nasty cold and didn't really have too much fun on our outdoor outing.  Here are some photos of him a few days earlier before snot took over his life.  Look at him!  Let me post 50 shots of the same pose just in case you didn't fully grasp how super cool he is.

Be still, my heart.

That entire adorable outfit is Goodwill-ed. The sweater was not ONLY Goodwill-ed, but 25 cent bin Goodwill-ed. Who puts a Gap sweater in a 25 cent bin?  Who GIVES a Gap sweater to Goodwill?  Who buys jeans for a 3 month old?  Someone who finds them at Goodwill.

Lots happening here right now... some big decisions coming up.  More on those later. 

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