Sunday, October 7, 2012


What started as a relaxing, plan-free Saturday turned into busy times 3.

Number one needed SOMETHING to do besides running his cars back and forth across our carpet "track", so we decided to do a very makeshift carwash.

 First they went into the "wash tank"

Next, they were scrubbed clean with a drop of Dawn and an old toothbrush with a seizure inducing bulb inside that flashes for much too long (but makes brushing teeth bearable).

Then into the "rinse tank".

Dried with a towel...

and we're left with a shiny, "new" car.  Note the 90's (or is it 80's?) one-strap overall thing going on.  We OWN fashion trends in this house.

Next it was a drive to one of my BFF's houses for an afternoon of apple dumplings.

This is my dear friend and her man.  She is awesome and when I'm with her I feel like I'm in high school again and that we are moderately cool.

This is her gorgeous, sweet as pie girl.

These are what she produced, recipe-less.  She is a baking genius.  I cower in her presence.

After THAT we drove home, did bedtime, and mommy went to a recently acquired NEW friend's house where she ate all of her salsa and we discussed the merits of mildly offensive anonymous blogging.

And I missed my loosely termed "DIY decor" blog.

So I'm contemplating starting it up again.  Right now I'm working on a chair reupholstery project that is mentally killing me inside a little bit b/c as SOON as I settle on a fabric or color scheme, I find a better one on Pinterest.  Pinterest: the reason I never finish anything.

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