Friday, July 26, 2013

Beat the Heat.

This week summer magically transformed into fall with daily temps reaching no more than 75 degrees!

Thank you, God, b/c for the last 2 weeks we've hit 90-95 degrees every single day.  We did the beach a few times, but it was so humid that unless you were completely immersed in water it was miserable.  

(Silas' face says otherwise...)

SO I did what any bored mom does and went on Pinterest to steal someone else's creative idea and fool my kids into thinking I'm the Wizard of Fun!

I pinned this idea when we still lived @ Gephart, but the stairs there were in a twisty alcove and had no crash zone at the bottom.  A crash zone is essential b/c you go (sometimes dangerously) fast.

It's just a giant, heavy duty cardboard box duct taped to the stairs.  At the bottom we piled up 6 couch cushions and pillows.  It stayed up for 4 days... definitely worth the 15 minutes to put it up.

Poor Siley... it was too fast for him.  But he enjoyed messing up the cushions.

We put the box away a few days ago to wait for winter... or for the next time some reckless little boys & girls come over to play :)

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