Thursday, July 11, 2013


Yesterday I finally took a Julie-moment and put together this shirt for #1 that's been on the back burner for awhile.

It's hardly a creative endeavor, but right now things happen fast, or they don't happen at all!

A few months ago I saw this shirt on a favorite character of mine from an equally favorite TV show:

It's such an appropriately descriptive word for my boy.

I also saw this flossing detail @ I Am Momma- Hear Me Roar and wondered why someone with my stash of floss never thought up such an easy & genius embellishing trick.  

I planned on freezer paper stenciling this bad boy (b/c that's what I had on hand) until I saw these iron on transfer letters in Walmart.  They worked beautifully... and I completed this shirt in 20 minutes.

It's weird how gratifying that was!

Big giant breath... 

Today I completed another quick project for #2.  This one wasn't quite as fast, but I finished the overall construction in about 45 minutes and the embellishments in another 40.

I pinned this hat tutorial a little while ago and let it stew in my brain for a while.  I ended up using an old orange sweatshirt for the hat (keeping upcoming cool weather in mind) but instead of cardboard as suggested for the brim, I used a plastic potato salad container cut to size.  It worked perfectly, having just the right amount of bend to it.  I used one of the same iron on letters I used for Eli's shirt as well as some old t-shirts & floss to make it kind of "scrappy".  

Then I tried it on the model.  (See below)

The sweatshirt I used was a bit stretched out around the bottom making the hat the tiniest bit loose... but other than that, I am super proud of myself :)  I've NEVER made a brimmed hat before, and definitely never with recycled materials.  Totally free dose of cuteness.  

Just to be fair to all my children (those outside AND inside the womb) I did make baby #3 something too... but that's just for me right now. :)

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