Monday, September 30, 2013

Boys Paradise!

This weird thing happens to me each time we find out we're expecting: I go into panic mode for the ones outside the womb.  I worry about them adjusting to a new sibling, I worry about those first few exhausting weeks that won't leave me with much energy left for Thomas adventures or Batman vs. GI Joe battles.
So instead of planning an elaborate nursery, I usually use these months to make a special place for my oldest ones.
Before Silas was born we lived in a rental, so Eli's special room prep consisted of hanging some pictures on the walls, a little toy organization, and some bright green bedsheets. :)
This time around I had more energy, more space, and we officially had a place of our own.  Renting for several years gave me a lot of time to plan what I would do when I was able to make a permanent mark on a wall.  Thousands of "pins" later, I decided to scratch everything I'd seen anyone else do and do something "Jordi".

I wanted something bright and modern, and NOTHING based on a cartoon. (Been there, done that!)

I've always loved the energy of pop art, and Roy Lichtenstein has some really fun images.  Clean, direct lines, limited color... he's an interesting artist who made work during the 60's along with Andy Warhol,  Jasper Johns & others.  I loved the idea of putting a piece of history on the kid's walls in hopes that as they get older it will initiate conversation and spark interest in something that I love (yep, there's a selfish element to all of this!)  It COULD backfire and start an interest in aviation, but luckily they have an ex-helicoptor mechanic for a dad, so I figure all our bases are covered :)

I kept the rest of the room very simple.  We're blessed with LARGE closets in this home, so Ben installed an organizational system that divides it into a section for Eli & one for Silas.  2 bars for each kid-one for tops, one for bottoms- with a series of cubbies in the center that hold bins for pajamas and socks & underwear.  I realize a photo would be helpful, but I'm so comfortable in this chair right now...
This eliminated the need for a dresser- my dream come true, as there is nothing I hate more than folding clothing.  I'd much rather stick it on a hanger!

We purchased 2 twin beds & duvets from IKEA, and Ben built some new, kid friendly bookshelves to match the unfinished pine.  They are flat and nicely fill that unused space behind the door.  Other than a cd player (this entire family needs white noise!) and some stuffed animals- those are the contents of their bedroom.  Art, Beds and Books.  All the toys are stored in the playroom.  I love it that they have a clean, restful space to read and relax in.  They seem to appreciate it too :)

Over time I'm sure we'll accumulate finger paintings and crumpled photographs of Grammie & Grampa & Nana & Pop pop... for now we're enjoying the fresh space and simplicity. :)