Monday, October 7, 2013

We took them to a farm.

Church's big AWANA kick off event is going to Brookedale Farms for a night for hot dogs, hayrides, and other fall-ish things.

The main attraction at Brookedale is the FREE playground area- not the hayride or corn maze that you actually pay for.  In their defense, it IS a pretty impressive playground.

He's hardcore- and partially responsible for most of the corn on the ground behind him :)

We tore them away from the fun for a 10 minute hayride around the pumpkin patch... which was fun, but not AS fun.  Sitting still never is.

I love this little town we live in for its emphasis on the simple pleasures in life.  Sometimes (weekly?) I long for a Target strip mall, but our community tries hard to keep developers from changing much- and mostly I'm ok with that.  

Check with me again in the dead of January. :)

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