Friday, November 29, 2013

The Perfect Tree (2013 edition)

We found it… but it wasn't the perfect day to do it.  25 degrees and windy + 2 no-nap boys = a tearful journey.  But it was memorable:)  

Cutting down a family tree is a tradition my family has had for as long as I remember.  Even Ben remembers his Dad getting a "real tree" for them- and they lived in Florida!  They are sticky & messy and totally worth it.  It's something we've been doing with the boys since Eli was born.

Poor little boy!

Once we found our favorite, Ben went to work cutting and I took the boys inside the shop to watch the electric toy train and pick out a candy cane.  
(I think my kids/husband are the only people on earth who actually think candy canes taste good.)

What?  Is that a smile?  It can't be!!

They love the train.  It runs around the perimeter of the store ceiling and blows a whistle and smoke… it's quite elaborate.  

The trip proved exhausting and the ride home was mercifully silent!

Usually we race to get home, put up the tree, and decorate it all in one day.  This year spread all of that over a period of about a week… and it was awesome.  A week of tree decorating.  We might make THAT a yearly tradition!

Merry Christmas!!

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