Sunday, June 16, 2013

Plum turns "1"

I know that for just about everyone EXCEPT Ben and myself, this picture might be a little yuck.
But this shot is my favorite of Si, his first documented appearance in the world.

One year ago today I stayed up all night watching Netflix-ed Law & Order reruns and timing contractions.  I drove myself to the hospital at 10AM; Ben arranged childcare for Eli and met me there around noon, and at 2pm we were wheeled into surgery.  My boy entered the world with a scream so loud, so PIERCING that my doctor commented that it was one of the loudest he'd ever heard.  Loud & proud.

Since that day we've been on the run every minute- it's been fascinating and surprising and challenging and thoroughly sloppy.  We sometimes have trouble remembering life without our little spark.  He's filled it with such joy.

While in Florida we had a little party for Si (which began as a double party with Elijah but quickly went south.  It's an unfortunate story combining no nap, an unfamiliar place, autism and just plain naughtiness).
To date, little buddy has 8 razor sharp fangs, crawls & cruises (no independent walking yet!), is an unfussy eater (I deserve at least one), sleeps & naps like a professional, and says mama, dada, quack quack, & bye bye.

We made him a blue frosted cake.

His birthday surprise!!

We love you so much Siley Thoreau! 

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  1. Happy 1st Birthday, Silas! I love all your pictures. You're such a cutie!