Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer starts

Its been awhile!
School ended a week ago and we jumped into summer with 4 pairs of feet.  Number one skipped his last day of school to spend it with Grammie & Grampa, who came to watch the boys while Dad & I attended 27 hours of foster parenting classes.  So essentially, we took a break from our kids to learn about how to take care of other people's kids. :)

The boys both have birthdays this month- Si turns 1 on the 16th & Eli will be 4 on the 23rd.  Grammie & Grampa brought them up a sandbox to celebrate and it was a huge hit.

The very next day we left to spend a week in Florida with Ben's family (which is where I'm writing this post from! )  The kids traveled so well, we were able to make the 12 hr trip in one day.  Even I traveled well, throwing only 1 tantrum the whole time (I'm a poor traveler).

Notice that no "traveling" pictures of me exist.

Over the drive we all developed some ridiculous allergies... the first day was rough.  Babies didn't sleep well.  It was tiring.  But we pulled it together and took the kids to the beach-about 5 minutes from Ben's parents house.
Elijah has been to the ocean several times... but it's been a long battle to overcome sensory issues with sand, salt water, wind, etc.  We've never spend more than 30 minutes there. He's made some incredible strides lately in therapy so we were hopeful as we pulled in to the parking lot and he repeated "play swim! Play swim!"  My little buddy made me so proud- he nailed it.  He ran right through the sand into the waves- even letting the big ones go right over his head (I'm expecting there will be no more bath time hair washing fights after this?).  It was the kind of beach trip that you imagine in your head; the kids are enamored, the water's warm, the breeze is cool, and your baby bump still isn't quite visible :).

Littlest one was timid at first, but by the day's end he was eating sand with the best of the beach infants.

Our thank you for being LITERALLY the best parents ever?  Long, zonked out naps.

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